Гостиница (круглосуточно):
8 (926) 660-67-37

Аренда (с 8:00 до 20:00):
8 (985) 535-84-42

МО, Воскресенский р-н, село Федино,
2-ая Производственная улица, стр. 21
Федеральная трасса А108 («бетонка»)

Trade And Warehouse "Gostilovo"

Our company is the owner of commercial property complex in the Village of Gostilovo (Voskresenskiy District, Moscow Region). The complex is located on the busy federal highway A108, at 8 km from an intersection with nighway Novoryazanskoe. The distance from our complex to the Moscow Ring Road is 75 km.

You can download our presentation.

In "Gostilovo" you can rent small premises for stores, dining places, warehouses, plants, as well as finished buildings as a whole or places for construction of your own buildings.

We are ready for partnership and joint investments with businessmen planning construction of new facilities in our territory.

For long-term projects preferential conditions of a lease until the lease holiday are provided without rent collection at the stage of preparation of facilities to use and special discounts for the first months after a start-up.

Close to a complex there is a filling station. The "Gostilovo" complex possesses its own parking lot where even heavy truck transport can be placed.

The comfortable hotel for internal use where the employees of any enterprises renting sales areas or plant premises can be housed in is built in the territory of a complex. Also there is the private dining-room at personnel service.

The first line of "Gostilovo" is well-visible from the road, you can allocate facilities round-the-clock. In 2014 the second side on which the premises can be allocated by different sections was launched: from the units up to hundreds of square meters for wholesale, warehousing of food and food products, manufacturing (including food, the complex was already cooperating with slaughterhouse, where you can buy high quality low-priced local pork).

We will answer any questions of those who require rental of commercial estate in Voskresensk town or the areas with infrastructure for building of non-residential premises. Your questions and suggestions please send to a108rent@gmail.com

We look forward to doing business with you!

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